Updated infrastructure improves everyones quality of life.

We Need to Make Infrastructure
a Priority

Our underfunded infrastructure is a liability for all of us. Well-maintained roads, bridges, water mains, and other resources are key to competing for business opportunities that would bring good jobs to Michigan, and to sustaining the industries that are already here. Today, our citizens are stuck driving crumbling roads and shouldering hundreds in car repair costs. Aging sewer systems and water mains threaten both our drinking water and the Great Lakes. Updated infrastructure improves citizens’ quality of life and helps our businesses thrive, and we need to make it a priority at all levels in Lansing. 


We need to support our public schools so they can prepare our kids for an ever-changing tomorrow. We need to protect our water and environment and stop allowing corporate interests to put our health and livelihoods at risk. We need to invest in our infrastructure to improve our citizens’ quality of life and to stay competitive when new businesses or industries come knocking. We need to elect leaders who understand our challenges and who are committed to addressing them. We are the people who can make real changes in our community, and I want to be the voice that speaks for all of us in Lansing—for our citizens, our values, and our future.

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