Environment & Energy

I support renewable energy and Michigan’s renewable portfolio standard which supports 40,000 good paying jobs.

As Michigan increases its renewable energy, it would have less reliance on energy sources such as propane which runs through Enbridge’s Line 5. Line 5 has spilled 29 times and more than a million gallons since 1968. It was built in 1953, has exceeded its lifespan of 40-50 years and the only solution to prevent a catastrophic disaster is to shut it down.

The Great Lakes are a drinking water source for 35 million people in Michigan. In a worst case scenario of a rupture, 700 miles of Great Lakes coastline would be affected, damage to wildlife would be significant and our tourism industry would suffer. Its time to put our communities, our natural resources and our economy ahead of corporate greed. I support upholding ballast water management regulations.

This is the front line of prevention of invasive species in the Great Lakes and it’s our duty to protect the Great Lakes because water is life.

The privatization of our water resources continues to erode the basic understanding that water is a public resource that is legally required under public trust doctrine to be protected and preserved by the state for Michigan residents, rather than private corporations like Nestle.

The MDEQ received 9 letters from tribal governments, 8 letters from citizens groups, 2 petitions combining over 350,000 signatures and over 80,000 people wrote to protest Nestle receiving rights to pump 250 to 400 gallons a minute. Nestle pays $200 a year to extract 576,000 gallons a day which contributes to yearly sales of 7.7 billion dollars worldwide.

I support Representative Lucido’s bill, HB 5133 which would impose a 5-cent per gallon fee which would go into a restricted account to fund infrastructure projects.

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