Michigan has made the least amount of improvement of scores nationally since 2003.


There's a growing shortage of teachers in Michigan due to declining salaries and the threatening of teachers' benefits packages including pensions and health insurance.


There are 5000 fewer certified teachers than 14 years ago and enrollment to teacher education programs have declined. I support offering incentives to attract and retain teachers in struggling schools. Longevity is key to good changes in low-performing districts.


I support investing in early childhood programs. The foundation for student success starts as early as 3 years old. Michigan is one of 15 states that doesn't offer state-funded preschool for our youngest students.


I support more affordable post-secondary education including free community college and low-cost skill trades training. There's a shortage of adults with skills needed for jobs that require more than a diploma but less than a bachelor's degree. We need an affordable path to train people to fill these jobs.

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