Public Schools

We need to guarantee that our students have access to quality public education.

Securing the Future

We need to guarantee that our students have access to quality public education. Investing in our public schools is an essential part of securing our children's future, and my family is one of the many success stories. Thanks to our public schools, my son, who was born with a physical disability, can now look forward to graduating from high school and getting a job as an adult. The public education services we received as a young family were essential to helping our child achieve his goals, and we know public schools play the same role for so many students of all abilities. Public schools are also our front-line defense against global competition, automation, and the changing nature of our job market. 


Fully funding our public schools is possible if we’re willing to stop letting special interests call the shots. We need to protect the School Aid fund from being diverted to other initiatives. We need to keep public funding within our public schools instead of routing taxpayer dollars to for-profit charter schools. Small changes can make a big difference to our public school districts, so we need to act now to give our students the opportunities they deserve.


We need to support our public schools so they can prepare our kids for an ever-changing tomorrow. We need to protect our water and environment and stop allowing corporate interests to put our health and livelihoods at risk. We need to invest in our infrastructure to improve our citizens’ quality of life and to stay competitive when new businesses or industries come knocking. We need to elect leaders who understand our challenges and who are committed to addressing them. We are the people who can make real changes in our community, and I want to be the voice that speaks for all of us in Lansing—for our citizens, our values, and our future.

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