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I’m running for State Representative because we need more people like us in positions of power: more people who can relate to the day-to-day challenges we face, and provide real solutions that improve our quality of life. I’m not your average politician—I’m a passionate mother of two sons with special needs, a community advocate, and a lifelong Michigander. When I look around today, I see the consequences of not investing in or prioritizing our people—underfunded school districts, decaying infrastructure, contamination of our waterways, and too little support for working families. We need new representation to create the Michigan that will lead us and our children into the future, and I’m ready to be our voice. 


I grew up in Clarkston, the daughter of a dad who was a proud UAW member and an electrician at Pontiac Motors, and a loving mother who endured chronic illness and disability throughout her life. I took on a caregiving role from an early age, helping my mother around the house and driving her to doctor appointments until she passed away during my senior year of high school. Caring for my mother prepared me to advocate for my sons with disabilities and to navigate the complexities of our healthcare system and special education programs. It also showed me how hard today’s special needs families have to work to obtain even basic care and support, but so many of our citizens of all abilities have the same struggle. There has to be a better way forward, and I’m committed to finding it. 

Hard work, family, and community are consistent themes in my life, and are the driving values behind my campaign. Simply put, I want to make life better for the people of our district and state, and in 2020, working families need the support more than ever. I understand the challenges of the “working poor” because I’ve been there myself. Professionally, I’ve been a sous chef, bank teller, direct care provider, social justice advocate, and a small business owner. My husband, Todd, spent several years on the line and as a manager in the automotive industry before changing careers during the recession.

I hope I can earn your vote on Tuesday, November 3rd.

As a State Rep for HD43,

I’d be responsible for advocating for our district and promoting people-focused policies for Michiganders everywhere. I’m eager to work with other representatives to propose and pass legislation to address the ongoing problems we face in Michigan and to prepare us to thrive and compete tomorrow. Serving as the voice of our district would be a unique privilege and an exciting challenge. I want to help shape the future of HD43 and our state, and to make our government work for the people who matter most—our citizens.

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